Burnley Enter Top Six

Burnley entered the top six in the Premier League for the first time (in a substantive sense). The last time they were so high up English football rankings was over 40 years ago, in the old Division One. The years that followed saw the club drop down the divisions until it was on its knees, struggling to survive in professional football. The tale of the Orient game is well known to supporters, but the long haul back up the divisions took the best part of three decades. We know it’ll be a struggle even just to stay in the top division but we’re here and nothing can take away the joy of 6th – unless we go to 5th.

In memory of 6th:



First blog post – DT – My Telegraph

This is my very first post here. I started this blog to capture some bits from My Telegraph which is shortly shutting down. In due course I might tart this place up some.

My Telegraph was a blogging and commenting platform hosted on the Daily Telegraph servers. It was a free service, provided as is. There were some 20,000 + registered usernames. Many of these participated in the user groups. these were History, The Short Story Club, Rugby, Finance, Book Club, Job and Careers, Expat, Corduroy Mansions, The Archers Messageboard, Politics, Travel, Technology, Creative Writing, Football and About us. These required the normal ingredient to function – time place and person. User: Archie_tp saved Creative Writing from oblivion back in 2010. In 2012, the inputs of Louise Doughty made a success of The Short Story Club but notwithstanding this, the initial chaos demonstrated how low priority the platform was. This was a hidden community that could have been much more —there was much potential in the other groups.

Late on in 2015, The Daily Telegraph began changing its main site. Commenting disappeared from some articles. By Easter 2016, virtually all of DT had moved to the new look and feel. My Telegraph was legacy, a system ready for the chop. It was a matter of time before the plug was pulled. Users speculated and began to make plans.

As a social site, users were prone to petty acts of spite – they had vendettas and ganged up on each other. Doubtless this helped convince DT of the wisdom of closing it. The community has become a net diaspora and survives on Facebook and WordPress. There is a closed group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/512280382310342/ and several WordPress presences. There’s more background info on The Daily Telegraph and My Telegraph here.

For old time’s sake, here’s a memory.


Doctor Strange – Marvel Movie

You know in your heart of hearts that the snip will come and all will go dead, but you carry on, drinking tea, waiting for the final call. The black hole of cyberspace looms, the ultimate destination of My Telegraph.
Not totally unlike the setting for Marvel’s offbeat, spandexed-up and cape-clad superhero offering, that will be served up later this year – November 2016.

Doctor Strange #182 Sept 1969
Doctor Strange takes on the Juggernaut

Doctor Strange was one of Marvel’s 1960s superheros. Not a hero as such – more a half step into Eastern mysticism. The Ancient One – was originally based in Tibet and will now played by Tilda Swinton. Where does that leave Clea, Dr Strange’s other-dimensional romantic interest? The 1960s run of the comic got cancelled before the 1970s had barely begun. Stan Lee persevered and, after several false restarts include a stint in Marvel Premier, the character wasn’t lost.

Note the ever present Baron Mordo (green guy)

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Keeping the Flame Alive

What a difference a few years makes. It wasn’t so long ago (it’s never that long is it?) that we were locked into that strange no. 10 Bromance. Nick’s gone and Dave’s come out. DT’s taken a presentation page out the DM. Commenters have drifted to the Graun. Can’t say I blame them.

Still a few of the old guard left, tending the flame.

the days of MT look numbered.

back to my slumbers







Snow Tomorrow

According to Snow tomorrow:

New snow ploughs, snowblowers, specialist gritters fitted with GPS technology and quad bikes are set to be tried out this winter.
The Highways Agency spokeswoman said: “We have a fleet of 500 state-of-the-art winter vehicles on standby, supported by tried and tested winter resilience plans.”

The Local Government Agency said gritters would be working “around the clock”, with many working in tandem with farmers and 4×4 clubs, who have agreed to help shift snow and grit roads.

The coldest weather is likely to hit the South West, eastern Wales and southern parts of the Midlands over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday nights will see temperatures dip just below freezing, while Monday could see the thermometer descend to -3C.

Around 1-2cm of snow could fall across London and the South West.

I hope we’re not too taxed by this challenging forecast.
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